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Title: Ways Music Producers can make money with Beats
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You have invested in the music equipment and you spend all day in front of your computer. You have figured out how not to get your kick and...

You have invested in the music equipment and you spend all day in front of your computer. You have figured out how not to get your kick and 808 to clash.  Your making good music. What’s next?  How to take these talents you have developed from hours of youtube tutorials and trial and error and make money from it?

Selling Beats

All around the globe music artist are in need of beats. You can earn money by selling beats. There is an opportunity of leasing beats to different artists. It’s not easy, but it’s far from impossible, with some practice and luck you can reach larger audience.
These sites are really easy to get started with.  Everything is pretty much on one page.  Easy to accept payments.  They get a lot of traffic.  However its sooooooooo much competition.  Competition that will sell 50 beats for $15.  Standing out and providing is the keys to have a great store.
You can create your own website.  I believe every producer should have a place to link everything that your doing and your social networks in one place.  Your own site provides way more options on what you can do with the site and how it looks.  Now the cons to having your own site.  TRAFFIC!  People underestimate how hard it is to get traffic to your site.  SEO wont just cut it.  You must provide value.  Give people reasons to come to you.   

Sound Designer

If you have been making beats for quite a while now, you can create your own kits and sell them. There are many music producers you are willing to pay for some quality sounds. Some example of the sound designer includes SoundOracle!llminds, and The Producer Kit.
Another way to earn money is to create your own store. Shopify offers an ecommerce store through which you can sell your music easily. Shopify provides a platform through which you can handle everything from marketing to secure checkout. I love shopify because you can run it off of your phone. 
Gumroad is great for digital products as it sell the products directly to the consumers. Its a great simple way to sell your kits..
Another great pick for digital marketing is Sellify. You can upload your work and it will be shared on all marketplaces and on you social profile as well. It is an easy way to reach your audience.
Squarespace is easy to setup site that you can sell from. Moreover, you can also build you website through which you can sell your items.


Fiverr is a marketplace of people selling services starting at $5.  I know your thinking $5 doesn't sound like a lot of money.  The key to fiverr is the gig extras.  You can easily turn a $5 sell to a $50 sell.  Its many musicians and producers offering mixing, mastering, session playing etc.  Now keep in mind you don’t want to offer a gig that takes you 2 hours to do the basic gig and you make $5.  Find your niche, do something that doesn't take much of your time but it adds value. 
UpWork is a site that provides a freelance platform to businesses and independent professionals to connect and work together remotely.  I look at UpWork like Fiverrs big brother.  Its often people looking for music for commercials, and video games. 
Shameless Plug
I recently did some music for a mobile game. 

TV & Film

Licensing is something i think most producers sleep on or just don’t know about.  If your watching TV, Movies, Youtube, really anything you will notice that there is background music.  There are many companies who allow musicians to licenses their music for these exact reasons. 


"Obscurity is the problem, not money. Get known and be extraordinary." Grant Cardone

Be Social
You can have all of the talent in the world but if nobody knows you then it serves no point.  Network not just with artist but other producers songwriters.  I know I've said this a million times but add value.   You never know when someone will return the favor.  Your network is were the money is.

One of the most important part of any business is lead generation and getting customers to return.  Collecting email address keeps your clientele in the loop of new products, sales, etc.  Add value and don’t spam people. 

Learn about business
The music business is still a business.  You are trying to sell a product.  Online its a lot of valuable info and sells that can easily translate to you being a musicians.  These are some of my favorite people who talk about everything from mindsets, to online sells. 

Be smart

Bills, taxes, and responsibility are real.