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Title: (Top 10) How to make money with Beats ?
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Top 10 ways to make money selling beats online   Jay Von K +     September 19, 2016 There are tons of ways of making your beat ...

Top 10 ways to make money selling beats online

There are tons of ways of making your beat catalog an ongoing source of income. Of-course there are a lot of sites that will feature your beats like Soundclick or Rockbattle. But selling beats online isn’t easy to do and can be frustrating if it doesn’t work out as you have hoped. But in reality if you try the right strategy’s it could become a successful business opportunity. So with all that said here are my top 10 ways of making money with beats online.

Start your own beat selling website

I have to note that having your own beat selling website is much more profitable in the long run and could be a more successful plan if done right. To do this you need a webmaster that can set it up for you, or you have to research the topic yourself wich will cost some time. The most important you have to do when you have your own website is promoting it. And there are tons of ways of doing this, if you choose this road remember that it will be a long one. There are many examples.

Sell Leasing rights to your beats

When you have acquired a good sized catalog of beats and instrumentals you should price the beats accordingly to what they are worth. Then you should sell them with different leasing rights. Leasing rights, semi exclusive, exclusive, these are just a few of the leasing rights or product licenses that you can use for selling your beats. All these licenses come with their own rights, for example: non-exclusive, sell 1000 units, 1 profitable use, 1 year leasing rights, distribution rights, royalty free. Selling your instrumentals on soundclick allow you to use these leasing licenses and can be setup pretty easy. Al you need is a Paypal account and a registration of one of these beat selling websites.

Team up with producers

Yes, team up with producers and start selling their beats on your page. This is a good way that can be beneficial for both party’s, you will have a diverse catalog of fresh beats and different styles. You can agree to 50/50 deal or a percentage of the sold items, if you have a good team you are assured to give the people/market what it needs. Be an entrepreneur and expand your business and mind at the same time.

Sell Beat singles

Sell beat singles of your instrumentals for a low price like $0.99 or $1.99. Distribute these on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, and everywhere you could distribute your tracks. Good thing of distributing is diversifying your income source. Soundclick also allows you to sell singles but will require a membership wich cost a little sum per year. Profits can skyrocket from beat singles alone, make sure that when you distribute your beats that you have the sync licenses in place.

Free Beats with Sync licenses

This is a best kept secret and remains to be a good income source if promoted the right way. Get a digital code for your music with a sync license to receive royalties. So you can promote your beats for free and still earn money, you can always tag your beats here and there to ensure that people are going to know who the beat belongs to.

Instrumental Mixtapes

Choose a few beats from your catalog, usually unsold or the least sold beats you have. Bundle these beats and make a Instrumental Mixtape, of-course make sure you have the sync licenses in place. Put 10 to 25 old beats on the mixtape and sell the mixtape for as low as $4.99, distribute your mixtape with the appropriate digital distributor. Ditto Music allows you to distribute to more then 25 Online stores like itunes and such.

A youtube partnership

It’s real easy to become a youtube partner these days, the only thing you have to do is make a youtube channel and sign up for a Google-Adsence account to monetize your video’s. Monetization is done with ads on your channel as well as on your video. If you have interesting content you can earn a good revenue with monetization and displaying ads. Check out the HOW TO RANK YOUTUBE article I wrote.

Web Radio

Get your music on Pandora and Spotify, these internet based music streaming sites can make a nice buck. You can go to Ditto Music to get your tracks uploaded to these websites. If you can make beats that can become popular, you will be sitting on a little goldmine. Literally sit while you generate income from ads revenue.

Upload your Beats everywhere

Join all the beat selling websites you can find and think of, a few examples are soundclick, rockbattle, and many more. Make sure that you have some type of budget because some of these sites will charge you a monthly fee. Usually these websites don’t allow you to promote your own website, wich is the downside of these type of beat selling websites.

Do What you can

Be creative and research your market, have the right mindset and set goals for yourself. Hold contests, make friends on social media, try to get attention from the masses. Try to make contact with an A&R manager, send your beats out to recording labels. Do what you can to guarantee your own succes.