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Title: Guide to Selling Beats 2017
Author: LR Beats
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1.  Be Professional : Get yourself a paid website, not from free websites like Wix and Webs with banners that say "Get Your Free W...

1. Be Professional: Get yourself a paid website, not from free websites like Wix and Webs with banners that say "Get Your Free Website" here. Nobody is going to take you seriously with free ads plastered everywhere.
2. Go To Local Shows : Hook up with local artists and network. There is nothing more valuable than personal relationships. Hand out CD's with your tagged beats and include your email and phone number and website in a text file.
3. Stop Email Spamming: Start moving away from blindly emailing artist to "check out your beats" rarely do they click on those links anyway a they usually get blasted everyday with them. Never force a sale using email spamming or blasts, sales should occur naturally through good networking and relationship building. Artists buy from producers they know and trust, build these kinds of relationships.
4. Get Off The Paypal Buttons: I get that it's free but having the user type in the name of the beat and using the Paypal button is amateur and not user friendly. Paypal buttons have less functional and are not automated. Get something professional and fully automated like the Soundgine system.
5. Be Consistent: Working hard for a few months doesn't mean anything. The producers that make it in this business have been grinding it out for a couple of years. Before starting your music production business you need to train your mind for the long haul. Do you really think that by adding a beat to the Soundgine player will put you on the next episode of MTV Cribs? Nope.
6. Build & Sustain Your Presence/Brand: People need to get used to your brand. Create a logo for pay someone a few bucks to make a great brand logo people will remember. Get on the usual social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Don't worry if you're not getting post messages or new Fanpage likes that will come later. The idea is to get people used to seeing your brand and don't let up, we are talking about a year or two.
7. Quality Beats & Plenty Of It: Better to create 1 great beat a week than 3 weak ones just to have more inventory. Artists are getting smart and have an ear for what sounds good. If your beats are weak you can forget about points 1-6 right now. Get better, practice and profit. If you haven't seen the movie "Whiplash" please do. It shows the dedication and determination to become better at your craft.
8. Expand Your Genre: You're good at Trap music, cool. Now it's time to think like you're in the music business and cater to the rest of the world. Having a beat catalog with wide ranges of music will attract more artist and naturally will bring in more sales. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn new music techniques, besides it's all about growing as a musician anyway. Get out of your comfort zone.
9. Spread But Funnel Home: Spread your music out there on sites like Soundcloud and Soundclick with the intention of having them come to your main website. Soundcloud and Soundclick should NEVER be your main website. Having your own website to critical to your reputation and branding. You don't ever want to be labeled as just some "Soundclick producer", you want them to remember your brand name.
10. Avoid The Scam Snakepit: Stay away from snakes that say you can build your dream studio by paying for training and self help services that are nothing more than pyramid schemes like Empower Network. There are no shortcuts to success and self education is free, remember that. Imagine someone trying to charge you for the air you air, knowledge is free.
Every day you work on your business is another day closer to the success you want. Being your own boss, not punching a timeclock and being able to support yourself and family doing what you love. But you need to approach your business correctly and efficiently.