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Title: Blood Brothers
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Banknote Mitch joins the ranks of Young Thug's Slime Gang, growing up in the same neighborhood rapping together. They made a pact t...

Banknote Mitch joins the ranks of Young Thug's Slime Gang, growing up in the same neighborhood rapping together. They made a pact that if one made it out first, they would come back for the other. 

Shortly after Mitch moved to Charlotte, NC losing contact with his childhood friend until one day everything changed. Due to Young Thug's commercial success, it wasn't hard to find him, Thug kept his promise & came back for Mitch. Although at this point Banknote had offers from some of the biggest labels in the world, therefore the beginning of a bidding war begun. Not wanting to interfere, Thug respected Mitch's wishes & stood aside while Banknote's career gradually gained momentum. Mean while Young Thug had plans of his own, as soon as his situation was solidified Young Thug asked Banknote Mitch to join Slime Gang. Mitch said yes without thinking twice, still a free agent Banknote is still in the middle of a bidding war. Continuing to work hard and releasing several mixtapes, which earned a lot of attention in the rap industry. The most prominent of these being "The Best of Banknote Mitch", "Pray for my Enemies", Brenda's Baby, & "Accession to the Throne". 

Young Thug has also started a mixtape series called Slime Gang , The first release will be available February 2017. In 2016 Thug gave the world just a hint of Mitch's lyrical ability, adding three of Banknote's tracks to his latest mixtape. The mixtapes's productions handled by high-profile producers such as Hi-Tek, Dr. Dre and Scott Storch, among several others. Young Thug also served as the Album's executive producer, boosting Mitch's status while already in the mist of a bidding war. Banknote is now recording his next solo project, before making any commitments, being that he is still juggling the idea of remaining independent. 

Mitch's 2017 tour will be his first headlining tour, with appearances from Drake, Nicki Manij and his mentor Lil Wayne to show their support. Of course Thug will be making multiple appearances throughout the entire tour, he and Mitch have recorded enough music together to release an album. Not to mention the tracks Slime Gang have recorded collectively, they have the world anticipating a 2017 takeover with the help of Cash Money's Birdman. In the past Mitch affiliation with many labels, many labels claiming to have his signature on many contracts, are still yet to surface. Mitch claims his independence and leads an Army of Black Array soldiers, Black Array Entertainment is a record label Banknote founded and runs with an iron fist. 

Claiming he's more hands on with his brain child then any other record label in the country, he is always looking for fresh new talent to give that chance, he was never given. While Mitch and Young Thug do admit that they have grown apart due to certain circumstances, they agree on one thing and that's that they are Blood Brothers for life.

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