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Title: How to submit beats more effectively
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So you want to learn How to submit beats more effectively? Well, I’m happy to report you’ve come to the right place? We are the i...

So you want to learn

How to submit beats more effectively?

Well, I’m happy to report you’ve come to the right place?
We are the industry’s longest running music producer organization. Notice I didn’t say music producer website? We’re an organization first and we happen to have a website! There’s a difference! In fact, we began in 2002 because producers such as yourself needed an outlet to expose their music, learn the business and get to the next level.
Did you know that there are different tactics that you should use based on the music submission opportunity?
So if you want to submit beats to artists, send your beats to grand hustle, submit your tracks to wiz khalifa, send music to drake, send beats to labels, submit beats to big sean, email beats to nicki minaj, or you just want to start submitting beats to record labels, our guide was written with you in mind. There’s a strategy to submitting music, so let’s get into it!

Submit Beats

Your Blueprint To Submitting Beats In The Industry

Rule # 1 – Never Rely On One Avenue To Send Your Tracks
Just like a beat battle, you never save the best for last. So, Rule # 1 is the most important rule you need to know. NEVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, limit yourself to submitting tracks to just one person, website, organization, beat broker, beat hustla or…I think you get it. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Many producers like to believe that they’re going to send music to someone in particular and placements will just happen. That is the furthest from the truth. What’s more likely, is that thru submitting music, you turn contacts into connections, connections into respect, respect into more opportunities and then finally you arrive at a placement. There are no shortcuts. It takes skill in music and consistency in work ethic.
Rule # 2 – Create Your Own Track Submission Opportunities
Now that you know you can’t just submit through one avenue, this leads us to Rule # 2. You can’t walk around expecting for someone to put you on. Even if someone could put you on, remember, they could put the next hot producer on as well. So, how would they determine who? Depends on who it is and their motives. Those motives could be good or bad. Regardless, do you want your music career and business to rest on the laurels of what someone is “willing” to do for you? This isn’t the 80’s. Information and opportunities are everywhere. You have to take the initiative though. Once you do, everyone will be trying to put you on, or sign you or capitalize, but by then, the ball will be in your court to a certain extent. If you remember nothing else, PUT YOURSELF ON. If you need help putting together a plan to create your own music submission opportunities, that is what we are here for. Schedule a call with your Dynamic Producer Music Advisor ASAP!
Rule # 3 – Wherever You Submit Your Music, Ask For Feedback
Rule # 2 – Create Your Own Track Submission Opportunities
Rule # 4 – Send Beats With Hooks As Much As Possible
Rule # 5 – Send Songs As Much As Possible
Rule # 6 – Send Tracks With Short Intros
Rule # 7 – Send Music Without An Annoying Tag
Rule # 8 – Send Beats & Songs That Make Sense
Rule # 9 – Ask Smart Questions Before You Start Submitting Music
Rule # 10 – Start Sending Music To The Next Breakout Star