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All producers at one point in time would like to hear there favorite artist or other major artist sing or rap on one of there beats. ...

All producers at one point in time would like to hear there favorite artist or other major artist sing or rap on one of there beats. Most new producers have no idea on how to go about making this happen. Well that’s why I’m here to try to help guide you in the right direction.
The first thing you need to understand is that a lot of placements have to do with who’s HOT. “Politics” is the word you need to get clear in your head. Just think about it from a record labels stand point. Before a record label signs a artist the artist usually has already made a name for themselves and has been out there doing everything the record label would do for them just on a smaller level obviously. That’s what a label wants you to do, they want you to do everything they would do for you by yourself in the beginning. They want you to prove to them that you are willing to work for what you want out of your music career. That’s when they step in ready to back you with all the muscle they have.
So if your a producer reading this and you’ve made a few beats and you’ve jumped on twitter and hit up some artist, A&R’s and managers and your wondering why nothing has happen yet it’s because your not as HOT as you think you are yet, according to Hip-Hop politics. You may have the best beats in the world but if no one knows your name or has heard a well known artist on any of your beats then you may never get placements. That’s just how the game works unfortunately.
So what can you do to change this?
Content is KING
You can start by keeping the mentality that content is and will always be king! Don’t let up on the music your creating just because you think you have tons of beats and there all worthy of a placement. You’ll never get on thinking like that. You have to continue to drop new beats and put them out for FREE and recommend artist to go check them out and download them. You want to do this everyday, 365 days a year if possible. I’m not saying give your beats out for free and get nothing in return, if your going to put out free materiel make sure your “Tag” is on the beat and if someone want’s the beat for a project or to record a single then you guys can talk about exclusive right etc. and how they can go about getting your tag off if they desire. But if you already have a SC page or your own beat selling website then that process is already automatic for you by simply purchasing a lease one can remove your tag.
My point is to simply never let up on the music your putting out because the more you have out there circulating the better chance you have of being heard and getting placements. So with that being said I do recommend free downloads for all the beats you put out.
I can’t stress this next point enough. Networking is such an essential piece to building any type of business especially in the music business. Social networks should be your best friends if you are a independent producer trying to get your music out there. Twitter is one of the most powerful free networking tools out there. Why do I think this way? Because with Twitter you can simply type something in your search box like “I need beats” and everyone who is talking about they need beats for a song or a project will just pop up and you can simply follow these people. Talk to them, request they send you some of there music, tell them about your beats and your vision and go from there. This is true networking at its finest.
Another thing you could do is find a serious independent artist that you like and likes your music and if you think they are serious about there work and will continue to be consistent then don’t hesitate to throw them free beats because if they make a hit you have the possibility of making plenty of money on the back-end not to mention all the people that will start looking at you for beats now. This is another great form of networking because artist always wanna work with who Hip-Hop politics are saying is a hot producer right now.
Try to make new contacts everyday and don’t be scared to reach out to people the worst thing that can happen is they say no. Make sense? I hope so.
Finding a manager is something that a lot of producers and artist procrastinate on doing. I understand why they do this to because a lot of these people out here claiming to be managers are simply men and women with dreams who haven’t gotten any producers placements before or gotten any artist signed before and that can make anyone stray away from managers in the beginning. Plus we live in this “I can do it all by myself era” that makes producers and artist hesitant when comes to finding a manager.
My advice to you is to make sure you do your research when seeking out a potential manager. Check there resume, learn about them personally and there goals for themselves and how they plan on helping you reach your goals. Make sure your not just hiring someone with a dream. Not that there’s anything wrong with dreams but if one does not have a plan that they put into action then that’s exactly what it is.. a dream.

Getting placements is a great thing and can take your producer career to the next level but it should not be your primary focus. Your focus should also be on all the other aspects of your business because placements are not the only way to make money with your beats. There are independent producers out there making 6 figures a year and do you think they really care about how many placements they’ve gotten when there making $400 to $600 a day? Trust when I say there not losing any sleep over it.
So with that being said work hard to get placements but work even harder on building your brand and all the extras will come with the territory.